Command line tools

An overview of the `taxi` command line tool, and it's config

taxi cli Download

The taxi command line tool provides access to the compiler - which validates the syntax of taxi projects - and allows plugins of generators to create models and services in different langauges and frameworks.

Getting started

Download and install the taxi command line tool by running the following:

curl -s "" | python3

This will install the taxi command line tool.

Project overview

A typical taxi project will be laid out as follows:

├── src/
│ ├──
│ └──
└── taxi.conf


A taxi.conf file describes a project's layout, and the plugins to be invoked after compilation. It follows the HOCON format, which is like supercharged JSON.

Read more details about the Taxi.Conf file here:


Taxi's compiler and language generators are extensible and pluggable.

You can leverage our existing plugins to generate code, or author your own. Read more about plugins here: