This is a feature release, which introduces the following language changes

Specifying projections on nested collections

A TaxiQL projection can now include specific projections for nested collections.

findAll { Transaction[] } as {
   items : TransactionItem -> {
      sku : ProductSku
      size : ProductSize

See projecting nested collections for more details

String replace function

The String 'replace' function has been added to Taxi lang

replace(String, String, String)
Replaces the contents of the provided String, returning a new String
      Accepts three args:
       * String: The string to search
       * String: The string to search for
       * String: The string to use as a replacement

Example usage

model Trade {
    symbol : String
    ccy1 : String by replace(this.symbol, "TEXT_TO_REPLACE", "REPLACEMENT_TEXT")
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