OpenAPI Plugin

Generates OpenAPI specs from your Taxi project


The OpenAPI Plugin generates OpenAPI specs from your Taxi code.

What's generated

OpenAPI specs describe a single API. In Taxi parlance, that's the equivalent of a single service.

By default, all services that contain an operation with @HttpOperation annotations are generated.

// No OpenApi spec is generated, as none of the operations
// include the @HttpOperation annotation
service NotGenerated {
   operation listAllPeople():Person[]

// Written to movies-service.yaml
service MoviesService {
   operation listAllMovies():Movie[]

   // Not included in the generated OpenApi spec,
   // as it doesn't include an @HttpOperation spec
   operation doSomethingElse():Movie[]

The generated specs are named after the service - ie MoviesService generates MoviesService.yaml

Controlling which services are generated

By default, all services that contain @HttpOperation annotated operation are generated.

This can be reduced down by passing a set of names or namespaces in the config:

name: org.taxilang/demo

plugins: {
   taxi/open-api: {
      services: [
        "com.foo", // matches com.foo.MyService and com.foo.bar.MyService, etc
        "org.acme.PersonService" // matches only org.acme.PersonService

How paths are resolved

To ensure consistent generation of URLs, and compliant OpenAPI specs, you should decorate services with an @HttpService() with a baseUrl property:

@HttpService(baseUrl = "https://myMovies") // Generates a servers/url entry of https://myMovies in the OpenAPI spec
service MoviesService {
   @HttpOperation(method = "GET" , url = "/movies")
   operation findAllMovies() : Movie[]

Results in:

openapi: 3.0.1
   title: MoviesService
   version: 1.0.0
   - url: https://myMovies

If the baseUrl (or @HttpService annotation) is not present, the generator will attempt to detect a common baseUrl for the contained services. This is a best-effort guess though.


outputPathDefines where the generated OpenApi specs are written. This is relative to the output parameter in the main project configopen-api
servicesA list of services to generate OpenAPI specs for. If left empty, all services with operations containing @HttpOperation are generated.kotlin


name: org.taxilang/demo
version: 0.1.0
sourceRoot: src/

plugins: {
   taxi/open-api: {
      outputPath: "open-api" // Optional
      services: ["PersonService"] // Optional
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